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The HS507C X2 is an open-reflex optical sight designed for full-sized pistol applications. The HS507C X2 improves on previous versions by adding Lock Mode which was first introduced in our 2018 LEM pistol optic models. Lock Mode, when activated, locks the buttons preventing inadvertent setting changes.


Additional features include Holosun’s Red Super LED with up to 50k hour battery life, Solar Failsafe, Multi-Reticle System, and Shake Awake. The durable housing is made from 7075 Aluminum, uses an industry-standard footprint, and houses the 1632 battery in a side-mounted tray for easy replacement when needed.


The Holosun HS507C X2 is the updated version of their popular HS507C red dot, and this reflex dot sight is the perfect optic to improve your accuracy and performance with your pistol, rifle, or shotgun in close to medium-range engagements. Holosun designed these reflex sights with multi-coated lenses and a red circle/dot reticle for clear views in any environment, and these Red Dot Sights offer unlimited eye relief for maximum comfort while practicing at the range or protecting others in the field. This open reflex sight offers some upgrades over its predecessor, including Lock Mode to prevent accidental operation and an ergonomic button layout for easy access.


The Holosun HS507C X2 Reflex Sight is perfect for CQB engagements, and you can get up to 50,000 hours of battery life per use. What's more, you have access to 12 brightness settings and multiple reticle options so that you can best match your reticle to your ambient lighting conditions, and 2 of those settings are compatible with night vision devices. If you want to improve your reaction time and precision with your pistol, pick up this Holosun reflex sight and unleash your full potential.


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Why buy from Coventry Tactical? We offer same-day free shipping, a huge discount on the mounting plate if needed(Canik Owners), and excellent customer service. We also include a nice protective cover for your optic. (most others do not) We are based in Holly Michigan and manufacture our plates right here in our shop. Our Plates are truly American-made with quality and pride. We also support our 2nd Amendment Rights and believe in responsible gun safety and training. 



Reticle2 MOA Dot & 32 MOA Circle
Light Wavelength650nm
Reticle ColorRed
Parallax FreeYes
Unlimited Eye ReliefYes



Power SourceSolar & Battery
Battery TypeCR1632
Battery Life (Hours)50000
Brightness Setting10 DL&2 NV



Window Size0.63x0.91
Dimension (in)1.78x1.15x1.15
Weight (oz)1.5



Housing Material7075 T6 Aluminum
Surface FinishAnodize
Adjustment per Click1 MOA
W&E Travel Range±50 MOA



Storage Temperature-40℃~70℃
Working Temperature-30℃~60℃



  • This portable scope cover perfect fit for Holosun 507c/407c optics and keeps the HS red dot from getting scratched during transportation.
  • Quality build and excellent fit, flexible, and easy to remove.
  • These covers fit the Holosun optics perfectly. It's worth protecting your investment.
  • ONLY Come Stamped with HS507C on top

Holosun - HS507C X2 - Red Dot Optic Sights - FREE SHIPPING

PriceFrom $309.99
    • MRS: Circle Dot; 2 MOA Dot; 32 MOA Circle
    • Up to 50,000 Hours Battery Life (Setting 6)
    • 12 Brightness Setting: 10 DL & 2 NV Compatible
    • Convenient Tray Battery Compartment
    • Parallax-free & Unlimited Eye Relief
    • FREE Protective Cover
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