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Handgun and  Ammunition


Coventry Industries has been in the ammunition business for a long time building and rebuilding ammunition presses for some of the biggest ammunition makers in the world, it seems only natural to spread our wings and move into retail with tactical gear for firearms, we are currently manufacturing optic plates for Canik guns right here in Holly, Michigan, and will be adding such things as AR500 plates for vests and AR500 Target plates for range practice and other tactical gear like backpacks and holsters. We Just added two Optic Sites from HOLOSUN and plan to add more in the future as well as Trijicon sights. We strive for excellence here and will only provide the highest quality goods we can to the consumer, Check out some of our behind the scene photos of our shop and employees, thanks for checking us out, and be sure to like our Facebook page Coventry Tactical, and we welcome you to join our new Facebook group Coventry Tactical

Behind The Scenes at Coventry Industries


Put your Trust in Us

Coventry Tactical strives to serve its customers by providing high-quality products or services, offering excellent customer support, being responsive to customer feedback and concerns, and creating a positive customer experience overall. We also provide timely and effective communication and implement customer-focused policies and procedures. It's important for Coventry Tactical to prioritize customer satisfaction to build long-term loyalty to our brand. 

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