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Have your Canik gun slide custom machined to get the custom gun you always wanted!


The price depends on the complexity of your design, Prices start at $120.00 (Machined surface can be coated for an extra charge ) if you are looking for the most durable finish we recommend having your slide black nitrided. ($75 Option also extends lead time a bit.)


Please do not pay until an agreement has been made for machining. Please send us a drawing or photo of what you want. we'll give you a quote then go ahead and purchase from the website with the price point given to you.


See the information below.


  • How it works:
  • Submit your design to us with a drawing or Picture of what you want to be done on your slide via email submit to:


  • We will give you a quote for the machining work to be done, The price depends on the complexity of the design but most range between $120 and $150 plus shipping.


  • If you agree to the price quoted, send your Slide to us Via UPS (Slide Only Please) We will send you an Invoice for the amount agreed upon, and once paid we will start the design process.


  • A CAD drawing will be sent to you for approval before machining starts. Once approved we will machine it and UPS it back to you. (Typically takes about 2 weeks)


  • Our Guarantee - If there is ever a problem with your pistol slide due to milling work done by us, we will do whatever we can to fix the issue, up to replacing the slide.


Custom Machine Cutting for your Gun Slide

SKU: 364115376135191
PriceFrom $120.00
  • Once an agreement is made for machining we will instruct you to pay through our website here.  Please send only your slide to us, not the whole gun. Pack it well so no damage can occur during shipping. Please include your Name Address, and phone number in your package.  

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